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Some simple math…..proving 0,999999999 equals 1

I am going to prove to you, using standard algebra, that

0,99999999999….. equals 1.

Now I know that if you have even a basic understanding of maths you say: ‘I know for sure that’s not true’, but I will show you otherwise.

So here is the breakdown:

    1. let’s start by substituting 0,99999999999….. with the letter a, so

a = 0,99999999999….. 

That is easy huh?

 2. now say 10 times a would mean

10a = 9,99999999999…..

that is still right, right? I don’t believe that there is any need for discussion here.

3. if we substract a from that, of course you have to do that on both sides of the equal sign, we get:

10a – a = 9,99999999999…..  – a

still a correct formula.

4. 10a – a is of course 9a, so:

9a = 9,99999999999…..  – a

 5. but since a = 0,99999999999 the right side of the formula could be written as 9

9a = 9

6. and that means that a must be 1

a = 1

7. combining step 1 and step 6 I have proven to you that

0,9999999999….. = 1

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English text follows below:

Hier een filmpje van onze huiskoolmezen. Eigenlijk zijn het geen echte koolmezen, maar een andere mezensoort. Welke dat is, dat weten we niet 🙁 Ze hebben een kuifje….

Sinds enkele weken hebben we jonkies in ons vogelhuisje. Op dit moment staan ze op het punt van uitvliegen. Ik heb hiervan een filmpje:

English text:

This is a clip of our domestic tomtits. They’ve got a tuft….

For some weeks now they are in our birdhouse. At the moment they are on the verge of fledging. I have got a clip of this:


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